Styling of a Tabsheet

Hi, I’m currently using a Tabsheet and noticed that the vaadin-tabsheet-scroller has a padding like this: padding: var(--lumo-space-s) var(--lumo-space-m). Is it possible to remove the padding with LumoUtility.Padding? Setting the Tabsheet and tabsheet.add().addClassName(LumoUtility.Padding.NONE) does not work for me.

LumoUtility.Padding sets the padding on the root of the component, but the scroller element is inside the component.

If that would work, it would mean that it overrides padding on every element inside the component, and that would not make sense, right?

But as you can see on the Styling tab of the documentation, there is a selector vaadin-tabs::part(tabs) that you can use in CSS to target that element.

Thank you! I have to use another selector but that works :slightly_smiling_face:


ah sorry, I misread which element you were referring to