Styling content into split layout

Good afternoon, dear friends, please help me style all these elements, specifically the selected vaadin-vertical-layout, and the vaadin-vertical layout with the root-container ID, I don’t understand why my styling options don’t work. themes/adjust/components/vaadin-vertical-layout.css

here I tried to stylize my layouts


The vertical layout you try to style is inside the shadow dom of the status-tasks. So you should apply the css in this component. Unfortunately I don’t know this component. Is it a custom component in your application?

The reason is what JC mentioned, here’s some useful docummentation for styling and maybe avoiding shadow-dom to simplfiy:

Guys sorry

Its a bad

This is really bad, because in the styles only now, after one day, I realized that the css file simply did not load, I am very sad ((

Sorry guys for wasting your time