Styled Textfield


for my current project called
which focuses on business applications i am going to implement a “styled textfield”. Currently i am looking for existing similar approaches.
It would be nice, if anyone of you could give me a hint whether i can reuse a vaadin component.

Requirements for the field:

  • It should be able to show 2 different formated values of the business model at once. The number and the description. The number has color black and the description is dark gray.
  • If the field gains the focus, the description should be hidden and the number can be changed.

The value should look like this: (The underlined part is the field value)

South West Austria

Thanks, Florian Pirchner

I think you’ll have to write your own client-side widget and use CSS to make it look the way you want.

Just wanted to point out that you can not use CSS styles within an HTML text input element (which is essentially what a TextField contains) so you will have to do some trickery to achieve the different text colors.


Thanks a lot.

Maybe i shift that feature for some month. Seems to be time consuming.

Thanks a lot for your help
Florian Pirchner