Style Issue after Migrating to Vaadin 8.1.1


I was able to migrate my application from 6.8 to 7.7 and then to 8.1.1 successfully.

The application seems to work fine but I am facing a problem related to CSS.
I am not receiving any errors in this regard, but my page is loaded without themes/style.
I do not know what I have missed or if I have to change the location of my *.css.

One possible problem could be, that your custom theme is extending e.g. Reindeer or Runo base theme (I think these both are in Vaadin 6 & 8). Vaadin 7 introduced another base theme called Valo. In Vaadin 8, the legacy themes have been dropped, and only Valo remained.

Thanks for your response.
I was able to setup a default Valo theme and I had to add “compile-theme” in my pom.xml.
Now I need to be able to provide a more appealing UI using this new theme. Any pieces of information and advices in this regard are very welcome.