Strange upload issue : native button becomes visible only on CloudFoundry

Hi all,

I’m facing a strange issue with the upload component.

I’m using the upload component (I copied / pasted the source code from the Upload processing sampler). When I launched my application on the VMWare vFabric tc Server, it works fine => Only the Vaadin button “Upload file” is visible and readonly until the file has been uploaded.

Then I publish my web app to CloudFoundry it doesn’t work!
The Vaadin button becomes readonly and visible => OK
The native upload button (which was hidden), becomes visible until the upload process start …

You can have a look on the issue here :
Click on the “images” tab and upload a big image (JPG or PNG or GIF) to see the issue in action.

Thanks for your answer

Try to upload a big image otherwise you won’t see the issue.
PS: Sorry but sometimes the server is down due to synchronization errors !

the same problem for me. It appears to be a problem of the sampler application too ([url=]

[/url]). Any updates on this?