Strange behavior with Vaadin components

Hello all! I have a strange issue. Our application is used by thoundands of different users without any issues. One customer have the problem, that sometimes the GUI components do not work correctly. Example: Select-Field does not show the popup to select a value; sometimes a chaned value of a textfield is not loaded
We do not know what causes the issue. Policies? …? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know if the issue is on the server side or the client side? If it’s only one customer, that feels like it might be a client-side issue. Do you know which browser they’re using?

The issue seems to be on client side. They are using chrome version 121.0.6167.139. Same also happens on edge

Browser extensions like adblocker?

Or even something on the network level like a pi-hole?

@vital-koala Yes, there is a adblocker installed. Unfortunately it is not possible to put our page on the whitelist.

Then I recommend uninstalling the adblocker

Mhh… this is unfortunatley not possible, because it is a decision from the company. So I think it is not possible to use it… :frowning_with_open_mouth:

If you install the same adblocker, does it behave the same way on your system?