Storing files in mobile phone using vaadin touchkit


I have been trying to develop a mobile app with the help of vaadin touchkit and phonegap.
I have a requirement to store/upload file into/from mobile phone storage.

Is there any api available to do that?
If not how shall I achieve this requirement?

yes there is a way using html 5 cache but remember that because of Java script limitations the max size for storge is 5 mb because of javascript restrictions


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for showing interest in it.

Cache memory can be used for temporary storing.

But is there any way to add this feature in the mobile touchkit app
where user clicks a button and the app asks to choos file from the phone memory. I couldn’t find any touchkit component which does that.

How can add the above feature to my touchkit app.
If I am able to add this feature then I can definitely use cache for storing the file and do whatever I like to do with it.

Just use any widget and use the code in the handler

StorageExt localStorage = StorageExt.getLocalStorage();
StorageKey<String> StringArrayKey = StorageKeyFactory.stringKey("respuesta");
            localStorage.put(StringArrayKey, StringArrayValue);