Still trying to optimize a widgetset

I have a working Vaadin Touchkit application, but on a (fairly slow) connection it takes 50-60 seconds to load the first time. I have read instructions for “optimizing the widgetset”, but there seem to be holes in the instructions, and it doesn’t work if I try to run it after I do those steps. It still works fine if I don’t.

The instructions had me write an extension to ConnectorBundleLoaderFactory, add the connector class names to a list, then in getLoadStyle return LoadStyle.EAGER if the given connector type was in the list and DEFERRED otherwise.

The first problem is that I don’t know what connectors to put in the list. The debug mode of the browser was supposed to give me a list (along with a template for writing the class), but in fact there are no connector names in the appropriate debug window when I run the app. To be clear: I ran the app without the optimization changes but with the ?debug parameter in order to get this list, and the result was an empty list.

Are the names supposed to be fully qualified? I tried setting a breakpoint at the load stage, but evidently this is something that happens at compile time, not runtime, and I haven’t been able to make it stop at build time even in eclipse.

Someone suggested I put the whole thing up on github if I could, so it’s there at Any suggestions welcome.