Stick a TabBarView into Navigator

I navigate around with Navigator and each new screen is a:

public class ResultView extends CssLayout implements View

Now I want to stick in a:

public class DetailView extends TabBarView {

How can I do this?

    Navigator navigator = new Navigator(this, this);
    navigator.addView(HomeView.VIEW_NAME, new HomeView());
    navigator.addView(SearchView.VIEW_NAME, new SearchView());
    navigator.addView(ResultView.VIEW_NAME, new ResultView());
    navigator.addView(DetailView.VIEW_NAME, new DetailView());  <----- This should be the TabBarView

Or how can I jump to a TabBarView from a normal View i.e some form of other navigation?



Any class you wish to use with the navigator needs to implement the View-interface, it doesn’t matter what kind of layout or component you’re extending.

You can use the TabBarView just like you’re using the CssLayout with your other views:

public class DetailView extends TabBarView implements View

I thought I tried that:-) feel stupid now…