steps to update Vaadin minor version

I setup a project months ago in Eclipse using version 7.6.4. Because of the way I created the project in Eclipse, it is a Maven project ( which I think is the preference over Ivy, which is why I went the Maven route ). How do I update to a later minor version? My pom.xml has a “vaadin.version” property set to “7.6.4”. Is it as simple as changing that property to be some later version? I expect I should do a “mvn clean” first, but are there any other steps I should take?

Is there documentation out there for updating vaadin between versions? Obviously, updating between major versions is more involved, but I imagine the high level steps are the same whether we are updating between major or minor versions. Also, I imagine there are similar high level warnings for both types of updates ( there will be differences, of course ).

Yes, it is really that easy.

Just update the “vaadin.version” property in your pom.xml to the new version you would like to use and do a simple “mvn clean install” or “mvn clean deploy” (depending on your needs) after that. Everything should run smooth after that.