Status? Spring Roo Integration

What’s the status on integrating Vaadin and Spring Roo. As of November 2011, none of the examples have worked. I haven’t seen any updates since that time or even anybody vocally addressing the questions. I posted my main stumbling block as
bug #7987
but haven’t heard back since.

Is anybody working on Spring Roo integration anymore? I’d like to know if I should drop Vaadin at this time.

I’m not a pro member but I appreciate any help and information you might furnish.


Frank Fletcher.

Hmmm, it’s not a good sign. Your bug post has not been handled for 2 months.

I’d suggest you subscribe Vaadin Pro account at first and then purchase support. Although $249/hour is not cheap, you should get priority support then.

There are some glitches but it is still working.
Can you tell where did you get stuck?

Maybe I can be some of some help

@Nada Stavridis and @cuneyt ozen - Thank you very much for your replies.

@Nada: I’m unlikely to purchase a pro account as I do not have a product, a budget or a company behind me. I’m just trying to learn the technology! However, it doesn’t bode well if I can’t get the quickstart tutorial to even run!

@Cuneyt: Thank you for your offer of help. I’ll post more information here shortly. Bug #7987 (linked to in the first post) pretty much has my exact problem. Well it should, since I wrote it. I’ll try and fill in some more details when I can access that vm again.

Thanks again to the both of you.