Starter App POM issue

I’m getting this error from the starter app

'parent.relativePath' of POM com.example.application:aceevents:1.0-SNAPSHOT (C:\Vaadin\ace-events\pom.xml) points at org.vaadin.wizard:theproject instead of org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-parent, please verify your project structure

What could be the issue ?

How does your pom look like?

This is my pom

message.txt (8.86 KB)

This looks fine

Did you try

mvn spring-boot:run

yes the project is running when using this command but I see this error in problems window

You have to re-import the project

This is an IntelliJ problem

Or then you have a pom.xml in C:\Vaadin

Yes correct. Looks there should not be another pom file in the same dir structure