doesn't update

I try start.vaadin and I build some views with different components as example. After that I create an “Edit link” via Share. I use the Shared Link on an other PC to take a look on the first design. Later I add some more views and components to the same project but these changes are not visible in the shared link anymore. The shared links shows only the old views. If I generate a new “Edit link” via Share it’s the same result. The new views and components are not visible. Is this a bug or I do something wrong?

Hi, can you try opening this project using share link on both computers? We are currently working on that feature and it will be improved in near future.

Hi Marcin, this is what I had done. The problem is, that the shared project is not updated any more. I found that I hav to log out and log in again and now I can use the link and edit the project until I share the project again.

By the way, it would be great if I could edit the code of the views, not only show. I like to use this feature for prototypes.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve created GitHub issue for above - feel free to observe and comment.