start Vaadin application on Glassfish3

I’m new to vaadin,I would like to test the following
example. I’ve installed the environment correctly, I 'm pretty sure!.
however, it seems that the vaadin application doesn’t start-up. I used annotations of servelet3.0 without web.xml file and I tried also the other solution (web.xml without annotations).both solutions are not working. The UI is empty!
I’m using the last version of eclipse Galileo, using glasfish3 and vaadin last version 6.2.6. I Had no compilation errors, all libs are there.
I would appreciate your help to make this example work.
when running on server the application could not start. (I’m in production mode: having everything integrated to eclipse). For now, i’m not willing to deploy as OSGi, I just want it to run in production mode.
If you can help me with further details about the procedure and how everything should be configured.
is there any file that I need to modify or delete!


Each time Glassfish 3 and Vaadin are mentioned together, the answer in “99%” of cases is here:

Try adding gwt-user.jar ? Does it help?

The glassfish bug is fixed already.


that right !!

thank you matti