Start button like component.

Is there any addon similar to Windows Start Button or Chrome Option button ?

How about this:

Should make it easy to build such functionality.

In the last Sampler Demo I saw a component, like Chrome options, represented by a 3 - vertical which opens the menu panel in a very nice way.
Does someone know what component is it ?

The Sampler “hamburger” menu icon and the accompanying menu sidebar are custom GWT widgets. You could also build those with basic Button and layout components, and add the necessary CSS for the animations and positioning etc.


how do I add a “hamburger” menu on the top right of my mobile touchkit navigation bar?

In NavigationView you’ll find the method setRightComponent, you can use that to add a button with the icon you want. That will only add the button though, what do you want to happen after that?

thanks, I got that far…

I need the icon (or button) to display a menu with 3-4 items…

can you provide a few lines of code to accomplish this?

You can either use Vaadin Menubar
Or popup button add-on:!addon/popupbutton

There might be more options to do this with some other add-on from our directory…

Feel free to ask more details if needed :slight_smile: