StackLayout in Vaadin

Does Vaadin have something similar to StackLayout that can be found in SWT? This layout allows only one child to be visible at a time. I have a scenario where several children are already constructed and I need an easy way to switch between them.

the Accordion
be suitable to your needs?

Thanks for your reply. No, Accordion is not an option. The app will be running on iPhone so screen space is really valuable. Ideally user will be able to swipe between components, but there will be also arrow buttons in the navigation bar.

If there is no such layout is available and there is no other alternative then how hard would it be to write it from scratch? I am willing to try to code it myself, but I could use a few hints.

You could take a look at the
It manages tab content separately from the tabs buttons.

You could try to hide the buttons and manually change tab, or use CSS to display the tab controls as dots (like the main icon pages in iOS).
If it doesn’t suit you, you could fiddle with the source to adapt it (and maybe release it as a new add-on) to your needs.

Thanks for your reply. I found that Vaadin’s TabSheet widget also works. I can hide tabs using hideTabs(true) method so I get the result I want. A proper StackLayout could probably provide a more optimized solution, but the TabSheet will do for what I need.