SSH terminal component inputstream

Hi i made a simpel ssh terminal based in the j2ssh and vaadin.
It works by starting a ssh connection and use a textfield to excute commands.
and have a Label as output window is there a way for makin a componet handel a Inputstream.
today i set the value of the label or would it be better to add a new Label with data from the ssh connection.


String result = ssh.excuter(“ls”);
consoleLabel.setValue( label.getvalue.toString() +res);

Hi Lars !

did not ever work with j2ssh - is your input stream will be open entire ssh session ? If so, you may just run it in a separate thread and upon receiving the data - append it to some container, linked to a table - this way you’ll be able to maintain a large ssh output history without client slowdowns.

For sure, at the client side you’ll need to run a progress indicator with a poll time configured in order to automatically update client state.