SQLContainer TableQuery with encrypted Database Columns (MySQL)

Hi, I seem to be struggling to find an elegant solution to using Encrypted data from a MySQL database.

The scenario is that I have a table on a database with a bunch of binary columns containing data that has been encrypted using the AES_ENCRYPT MySQL function.
I would like to be able to perform normal CRUD type functionality on that table using (hopefully) a standard TableQuery object.

I have managed to retrieve the data from the table into a table object and into the associated form using overridden fields and a decryption method so it displays properly in both the table and the form… now comes the catch… How do I elegantly manage updates and inserts… I need to be able to translate the field items back into an encrypted byte array prior to the commit (or the commit fails complaining about an unimplemented method which I gather is because the from datasource is expecting a byte
and getting a simple String object). I have already overridden commit and my latest solution involved replacing the content of the field which has the human readable String with the encrypted byte version just prior to calling super.commit(). For some reason this yielded the same failure.

I would appreciate any suggestions.