SqlContainer Oracle Varchar ID's

Trying to get the concept here: http://dev.vaadin.com/svn/addons/SQLContainer/trunk/demo/src/com/vaadin/addon/sqlcontainer/demo/addressbook/ui/PersonList.java
I’ve ecncountered a huge problem which makes my head hurt:
Here 's my implementation of “getCityById”

public static String getJobByID([b]
String id
[/b]) {
		Object jobItem = jobContainer.getItem(id);
       .....//other stuff like getting properties and so on

Maybe i’ve lost in ID’s and IID’s and PID’s, but why jobContainer.getItem(‘AD_PRES’), for example, returns null, and a stupid workaround like this:

ArrayList list = (new ArrayList(jobContainer.getItemIds()));

where list.get(0) == “AD_PRES”, works fine. Does .getItemIds() load data into container? or it’s because of wrapper around .getItemIds() resulting objects? How should i wrap my string to make it work like a correct id?
Please help :frowning:

Figured it out here:

DataSource.getJobContainer().getItem(new RowId(new Object[] { jobId }));

RowId is the type of choice:-)