SQLContainer new item doesn't follow the sort method


I have problem with SQLContainer, when I add new item, it always added at the end of the Table even after I modify a property and sort the table depending on that property, it still stays at the end of the table!
I know there is nothing like add item to specific index in SQLContainer but I just want the new item to follow the sorting that I have applied to the SQLContainer or Table!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


have you committed the new item to the database? If you have, then this is most likely a bug. But if you have not committed the new item, then this is a design limitation. The sort is done in the database, which obviously can’t know anything about the transient new item. The uncommitted items are just shown at the end of the container in this case.

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And yes, I have noticed that after going through the source of SQLContainer. I ended up implemening that on my own!