SQLContainer in table update problem with 7.1.6


I was still using Vaadin 7.10.beta1 since it’s release without any problem on our develeopment server.
In my application I have a table with an SQLContainer where we can directly edit values to update the db.

Last week, we finally did the update to the latest version 7.1.6 and found out that the editions of field in the table do not work anymore!

When I do the commit (auto-commit is off) nothing happen. I put a breakpoint in SQLContainer’s itemChangeNotification() method, and the method is never reached!

If I rollback to version 7.1.0.beta1, the method is reached and everything is fine again.
I didn’t test any other version of Vaadin between those 2 because it is very long process on our side to do that (Widgetset compilation…)

Any idea? Is it a bug or is it something that changed?



sorry I have not got a solution for your problem, but I have a problem with my table. It does not update, when I change something directly on my DB. The Vaadin Version is not a problem for me, so can you tell me how you force your table to update?