SQLContainer and MySQL issue

Using Scala/Scaladin, but hopefully that shouldn’t matter

Using MySQL (well, latest MariadDB) and C3PO, with datasource via JNDI.

All seems fine at first.

  1. sorting doesn’t work. Defining in code or clicking on column header, no difference. I read something around 2 years
    ago about setting ANSI mode. Still true?

  2. If I scroll down a bit, its fine. scoll down a lot it takes ages to get back to me, often times out, coming back with either blank
    grid or lots of short rows with no data inside. Seems kind of random.

Makes the UX rather shaky. Scrolling though data in Heidi is smooth. DB is local, i.e. on my box.

Is there a way to log the sql being sent out by the sql container?



your issue 2 is probably due to
(might be duplicates).

If you set up normal vaadin logging and set the log level properly (FINER) you should see the queries in your log.

Thanks for the info re 2)

Any idea if there is a fix for this? This is a terrible bug. Can’t tell users to scroll “just a bit”.


No luck re logging.

I’m using logback.xml

<root level="FINER">
    <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE" />
    <appender-ref ref="FILE" />

Can’t see any SQL like stuff. Can emit to the log just fine myself.

Is there something else I need to do to make Vaadin more chatty?


Check out
for the logging.

And for the bug, I can’t really say when it might be fixed, maybe someone from our R&D could elaborate on that?

A bit more progress, got some debug from c3p0 going to log


Put in




Still nothing from Vaadin.

Do you know if there is an alternative/working database grid control for Vaadin 7.1.8?

The current one is just unusable in its current state. This bug has been around for a while, amazed
it isn’t fixed.


Yeah, when I tried to use SQLContainer several months ago, I was shocked by critical issues it has though they were reported on forum like year ago. The remaining options for Vaadin 7 are Lazy Query Container and Vaadin JPAContainer. I was not experimenting with the latter but Lazy Query Container seems usable to me, though I ended up with creating my own container (because of very special requirements I was not able to achieve just by extending LQC).