SQLContainer and DB2

Could someone please confirm if the current version of SQLContainer supports LazyLoading with DB2?

If I udnerstood correctly, the previous versions of the container did not (https://vaadin.com/directory#addon/vaadin-sqlcontainer).

Thank you.

I’ve got it working ok with a couple of SQLContainers and DB2. I did have to patch the code to handle empty result sets correctly. I logged a bug report for this already along with the code changes needed to workaround the bug.

Here’s the bug report along with an attachment that will patch the JAR (see gradle build file):


This was based off 6.8.3. Changing the order of operations did the trick:

< boolean resultExists = rs.next();

        boolean resultExists = rs.next();


What is required to adapt a SQLContainer for use with DB2? Do you have examples you could provide?