SQLContainer and ComboBox

How do you set the “id” column?

I know I can set the “Caption” column with setItemCaptionPropertyId, I just don’t know how to set the “id” column. All the code I have seen so far assume a column called “id”, which does not apply in my case.

As a clarification, I have a DB column called “skusku” that will be the “value” of the combo box, and a column called “skudsc” that will be the caption.

If you use Container of beans/POJOs of some sort as data source for the ComboBox, the value of the ComboBox will be reference to the object, not the property. setItemCaptionPropertyId only defines the property that will be used in popup panel as presentation. So if you are interested “skusku” you propably have getSkusku() in your bean. And you can use comboBox.getValue().getSkusku().