SQLContainer addItem / getProperties

Hey Guys,

i have been trying to add items to my SQLContainer and therefore my Database for several Days now. I have read Every Post in this Forum and on Stackoverflow regarding this Topic that i could find.

Every Time my addButton is clicked, i want to add a new Item to my SQLContainer.
This is an Extract of my Code:

public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) { try { Object id = eventContainer.addItem(); eventContainer.getContainerProperty(id, "eventId").setValue(0); eventContainer.commit(); } catch (Exception e) { Notification.show("Error adding Item: " + e.getMessage()); } eventContainer.getContainerProperty(id, “eventId”) does fail with a NullPointerException, I just don’t understand why.
I disabled AutoCommit for my Container (which it should be by default), because the addItem() tooltip says that enabled AutoCommit could lead to Troubles and addItem() could return a temporary row id.
When i print the id using id.toString it says “Temporary row id”.
I checked the Containers’ PropertyIds using eventContainer.getContainerPropertyIds() and “eventId” definitely is one of them.
I also tried to use the addItem()-Method using my own id. But addItem(“anyId”) does not seem to work for my Container and returns null

First commiting and then changing the Item-Values is not a possible Solution because my MySQL-Table contains Columns that can not be null.

I am using an IndexedContainer in another class and everything works fine.

I Hope you guys can help me out,

I also have this situation see attach pic

PS https://vaadin.com/forum/#!/thread/9202425 too

more info https://vaadin.com/forum/#!/thread/1951006

2 years gone
advise what should do

: removed TableQuery.setVersionColumn(id);

Note! TableQuery assumes that the database will take care of updating the version column by either using an actual VERSION column (if supported by the database in question) or by a trigger or a similar mechanism.