SpringRoo Tutorial Trouble


I am on my third run through the tutorial, trying to make it work (http://vaadin.com/book/-/page/rapid.html).

I get into trouble during the addition of the calendar part…

I thought I would start again and note any errors… I didn’t get far (I don’t recall this happening on my earlier attempts, and the plugin seems to be there because previously I got as far as publishing to the server and testing the app out, only got into trouble at the calendar part… however)

Before I go any further, I just want to ask is the following expected behavior when adding a roo addon that already exists?

I have cut the input (proceeded by roo>) and the following output.

You can see it saying it can’t find the specified vaadin bundle… not sure if it helps, but yes, the eclipse vaadin addons have been added and are working.

Thanks for any help.

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/ __ / __ / __ \
/ // / / / / / / /
/ , / // / // /
/ ||_/__/ 1.1.5.RELEASE [rev d3a68c3]

Welcome to Spring Roo. For assistance press CTRL+SPACE or type “hint” then hit ENTER.
roo> pgp trust --keyId 0xBF0451C0
Added trust for key:

KEY ID: 0xBF0451C0 <<<<
More Info: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?fingerprint=on&op=index&search=0xBF0451C0
Created: 2009-Aug-14 11:54:20 +0000
Fingerprint: cc57399d74cd7e4768ed6fa4ca62973fbf0451c0
Algorithm: DSA
User ID: Artur Signell artur@vaadin.com
Signed By: Key 0xBF0451C0 (Artur Signell artur@vaadin.com)

roo> download accept terms of use
Thank you. All Spring Roo download features have now been enabled.

roo> addon install bundle --bundleSymbolicName com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon
Could not find specified bundle with symbolic name: com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon