SpringBoot with ClientSide components

hello, i am trying to get working client-side component with RPC class with spring+vaadin boot.

But my client component is not getting called

gwt package {
client {
connector extended by AbstractExtensionConnector with @Connect directivy
ClientSide class with java

server {
Class with AbstractExtension


com.vaadin vaadin-maven-plugin ${vaadin.plugin.version} -Xmx1G -Xss1G ${basedir}/target/classes/VAADIN/widgetsets ${basedir}/target/classes/VAADIN/widgetsets true ${basedir}/target/tmp/gwt-unitCache true true update-theme update-widgetset compile compile-theme

Using Spring typically does not have impact on how you implement Vaadin custom components client side. However information you have given is too minimal to describe the problem, so I cannot give much direction. I would suggest you to browse the Directory vaadin.com/directory Most of the add-ons have Github repository linked which is easy to clone and investigate how the component was implemented. Together with generic documentation on our site you should be able to grasp the idea how to do it.

I have found the solution, everything is about .pom file and dependedency.
But now i am not sure what dependencies are needed and which not.
I have added this.

javax.servlet javax.servlet-api 3.1.0 provided com.vaadin vaadin-compatibility-server ${vaadin.version} com.vaadin vaadin-compatibility-client ${vaadin.version} com.vaadin vaadin-compatibility-shared ${vaadin.version}

But now the problem is about this https://pastebin.com/CxArPNnk
My class public class TreeCanvas extends VerticalLayout
The problem is why the hell from this dependencies jetty starting with SpringBoot (Before this was Tomcat)