Springboot+vaadin spreadsheet+maven problem

Good day!
I tryed to test Vaadin Spreadsheet addon on Springboot and I’ve got some troubles. Spreadsheets do not render rightly.
I used TinyMCE and Charts addons to test whether my config is good and they are OK. There is an attachment in this message, so you can watch what I mean. Top left is TinyMCE, top right is Charts and other gray space is Spreadsheets. If scrolling bottom I can see some numbers, input fields, which are is the lsef side, also in attachment. Strange, but when I use Tomcat as container and use maven war plugin it’s OK. Also I added my pom in attachment.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
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How are you running the project when it doesn’t work?

Looks like the theme isn’t compiled or it doesn’t include spreadsheet theme. You can verify that by checking if ‘addons.scss’ file has the following:

/* Provided by vaadin-spreadsheet-1.1.2.jar */
@import “…/…/…/VAADIN/addons/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.scss”;

/* Import and include this mixin into your project theme to include the addon themes */
@mixin addons {
@include spreadsheet;
[/code]If it doesn’t you can update it, I haven’t tested it with springboot, but if it’s a maven project can you try running

mvn vaadin:compile

before running the project

Hope this helps,


Good day!

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve added to webapp VAADIN/themes/addons.scss with your code inside. And when I’m trying to compile-theme or update-theme logs say:
No themes found. Use the parameter “vaadin.theme” to explicitly select a theme.”.
I do not understandy why this is happen and how to fix this. There isn’t information there to put vaadin.theme parameter in the enternet at all.

Thanks in advance.

Good day!

I’ve compiled my theme and got css file. That didn’t help.
May be someone could create demo project with using maven, spring-boot, your vaadin spreadsheets and share it with me and others.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry I didn’t have time to answer before, I’ll try to do a springboot + spreadsheet project and share it here asap.