Spring Source Juno Loses Vaadin Designer Context

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out why my Spring Source Tool suite IDE is not able to recognize my customcomponents after the initial creation by the editor.

So, I go to File->New->VaadinComposite and then create the new component. I then do some editing (Visual and Source) before closing the .java file in my IDE. Later on, when I re-open the .java file - there is no longer a ‘Source/Design’ tab to allow me to view and edit the layout of my component.

I am using the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse version 2.0.1 and STS 3.1.0.

Does anyone know why this is? It is a bit of an inconvenience.



I’m not sure if there is any specific issue with the recent STS, but in general:

Try to open the file with Open With… → Vaadin Editor from the context menu.
Once a file has been opened that way, Eclipse should remember the editor to use for the file, although you might need to do it again if you e.g. do a new checkout of the project from version control.

If STS still keeps losing the setting just after a file has been opened that way, more investigation is needed.