Spring Security -- redirect to View that was tried to be accessed before ha

So I have shared security with

override fun configure(http: HttpSecurity) {

basically, /login is a UI of its own,
everything else belongs to a UI at /

So by default, if I try to access http://localhost:8080/foo and I haven’t logged in yet, I get redirected to the login page, then after a successful login, I get redirected to http://localhost:8080/foo again (and get a 404 because that page doesn’t exist).

This is expected behaviour that I would now like to extend to vaadin views.
Because if I try to access, say, http://localhost:8080/#!user/home and I’m not logged in, I get redirected to login and after success get redirected to http://localhost:8080/ not http://localhost:8080/#!user/home.

What VaadinAuthenticationSuccessHandler do I need to declare to make that happen? (using vaadin4spring)