Spring Dynamic Injection for Vaadin Component

I am using Spring 3.1 and Vaadin 6.8.2.

I use Prototype scope for my Vaadin Component while use Singleton scope for my Service and DAO layers.

In my case, I click an “Add” button, there is a new custom component (myCustomCellComponent) which will dynamically be added into a vertical layout (myVerticalComponent). Also, my vertical layout will be shown into different subwindows (e.g. subWindow1 and subWindow2).

In my spring container, the custom component, vertical layout and all the subwindows are prototype scope beans.

The following is in my spring config. file

<bean id="myCustomCellComponent" class="com.MyCustomCellComponent" scope="prototype">
    <!-- other serivce beans -->
<bean id="myVerticalComponent" class="com.MyVerticalComponent" scope="prototype">
    <lookup-method name ="getCustomCellComponent" bean="myCustomCellComponent"/>
<bean id="subWindow1" class="com.SubWindow1" scope="prototype">
    <property name="myVerticalComponent" ref="myVerticalComponent"/>
<bean id="subWindow2" class="com.SubWindow2" scope="prototype">
    <property name="myVerticalComponent" ref="myVerticalComponent"/>

In Java Code,

public abstract class myVerticalComponent extends CustomComponent implements Serializable{
     protected abstract MyCustomCellComponent getCustomCellComponent();

I tested myself. There is no exception thrown. However, I don’t know whether there is any potential exception if I code like above.
Is it OK for me to inject an abstract bean into SubWindow1 and SubWindow2?