Spring Doc (OpenAPI) - swagger URL not working?

I am trying to configure SpringDoc https://springdoc.org/

Using the default value of http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html this is intercepted by Vaadin

I tried changing the SpringBoot base context path to /api but that broke Vaadin

I then tried changing Vaadins URL mapping but that doesn’t work because it still uses SpringBoot’s context path

Vaadin - version 23
Springboot - 3.0.6

  whitelisted-packages: com.vaadin,org.vaadin,dev.hilla,com.kapango
  exclude-urls: ["/api/**", "/swagger-ui.html"]
    enabled: true

Interestingly my RestControllers are not affected by Vaadin regardless if I exclude their root “/api” path

IMO exclude-urls must be a comma separated value

Hmmm, tried it your suggested way but still no difference

Which Vaadin version do you use?


That’s very strange because I use Swagger in the same version and it works

The only difference is that I have configured swagger to another path

Maybe you could try that.

Sure, please send me your config thanks


There you’ll find the various configuration properties