Spring Boot, Polymer, Vaadin Element y Vaadin FrameWork

Good to everyone,

I have created a project that integrates several technologies for the development of a Web App.


The web is built with Spring Boot. (To do this, Run as JavaApplication on Main.class) There are several templates within the project to check the proper functioning of the app, see RootController.class:

The objective of this pilot project is to verify if the three technologies work together. The problem that I get is that when going to http://localhost:8080 and select the option: “Lazy Draw” or “Lazy Person” to be contained in an iframe, the tables built with vaadin.com.ui. Grid class, are displayed. The problem is when the page is refreshed. The feeling is that it intercepts @SpringUI of the LazyDrawGridUI class and not the @RequestMapping of the RootController class index () method.

How can this be fixed? Maybe, I’m doing a mismanagement of Spring with Vaadin Framework, in that case, what’s the correct way?

Finally, you want to filter all the columns in the “lazy Person” table, at the same time you page them.
The documentation is not very clear to me,
how should I build the filters and use them in DataProvier.fromFilteringCallbacks (*)?

It is corrected in GitHub.