Spring Boot - Extremely long startup

I am currently developing a little Vaadin Spring Boot application. All works fine. I have my Spring Boot Application, that is auto-configured to detect the Vaadin UI and all of its Views.

When I start the Application in my IDE, the start Process takes max up to 5 secs. But when I build my final JAR and run it from the Command Line, it takes extremely long. Note: I started the JAR with the command: java -jar at 11:50:00.

LogFile on Pastebin

The Startup process of Spring Boot finished at 12:02:19. Then After 4 minutes, I reloaded the Website where the Application should run on.

From 12:06:00 until 12:07:40 the Vaadin Application loaded and I finally could access my Application.

I am not that familiar with Spring Boot, but what I definitely know is, that the Startup should not take that long.

Does anyone have an Idea, what could be changed that the Application starts faster?

Computer Specs:

Windows 7
Intel Core i7-3630QM @2.40GHz
Java 1.8.121 64Bit

I copied the runnable Jar to different Locations: Desktop, AppData, Documents, … Always the same. It takes extremely long.

Thanks in advance for your help.