spring boot 3.2.3 vaadin 24.3.5.

Hi everybody, after the tomcat problem some time ago I did another try to update my stuff to the newest versions yesterday and it seemed to work fine. built and deployed on wildfly. Now today a colleague commited something to an app and the jenkins says:
“com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:24.3.5:build-frontend (default) on project besucherdienst2: Could not execute build-frontend goal: Error occured during goal execution: org/slf4j/helpers/NOPLogger” I did not find double imports, but rolled back my and her commit update anyway, and now it gets even more interesting because it does not build anyway; new error is [ERROR] Error: [vite]: Rollup failed to resolve import “@vaadin/field-base/src/styles/sr-only-styles.js” from “C:/JENKINS/workspace/deploy-test-besucherdienst2/node_modules/@vaadin/select/src/vaadin-select.js” and so on and so forth. I cannot get this stuff to build again on the jenkins. I am doomed :D. Does anybody have any idea?

Maybe the local build workspace is “contaminated”. Maybe try getting your CI to do a clean build?

Thank you! Just deleted like 4 (temporary) workspaces on the jenkins and now it is building again.