Spreadsheet (Vaadin24) editing is slow with large files

Hi, I’m using Spreadsheet component with Vaadin 24 . Although large .xlsx files (eg 6000 rows) load quickly, editing the file is really slow. In particular, inserting a new row or deleting a row via the context menu takes forever (about 60 sec for the UI to refresh). The response time seems to only become reasonable when the row count is dropped to 200 or less. Any thoughts?

I haven’t heard of this before, but I pinged our team to see if they have any ideas. It might be worth creating an issue for the investigation

This is a known limitation of the component that has been there already in the past versions Spreadsheet too slow when updating cell or deleting a row · Issue #656 · vaadin/spreadsheet · GitHub

Thanks. I see that Vaadin Spreadsheet is based on Apache POI (https://github.com/vaadin/spreadsheet/issues/670) , and I see lots of comments elsewhere relating to slow Apache workbook performance. I’ve raised the issue again.

It would be probably good to me new copies of these tickets to GitHub - vaadin/flow-components: Java counterpart of Vaadin Web Components

Thanks. I’ve created a new issue in github.com/vaadin/flow-components.