spreadsheet roadmap

We are interested in the Vaadin Spreadsheet add-on, but when we tried it we ran into many bugs (against the latest version, 1.2). Our conclusion is that the spreadsheet is not at production quality yet. In trak there are many bugs against the spreadsheet add-on, but no information about when these bugs might be addressed.

Is there a roadmap for the spreadsheet add-on?

Hi Juanita. I’m the Product Manager for Spreadsheet. I’m an sorry to hear that you had issues with Spreadsheet. We released 1.2 three weeks ago which brought charts in spreadsheet and also fixed a bunch of issues. You can see the full list of bugfixes here.

Additionally, we have these issues fixed already, which will be released in the next maintance version:

  • 19063
    - hiding sheet when there is only one throws exception
  • Support ColorByPoint option of Excel charts

  • 20057
    - Spreadsheet charts honor table filters

  • 20070
    - Fix for clear filters not clearing filters

  • 20071
    - Order options in filter list

  • 20072
    - Keep table filter overlay on screen even when list is long
  • Fix for exception coming from right clicking on comment indicator and selecting “add comment”
  • Fix for values defined as formula used in charts not updating chart when changing cells that affect the value of the formula

Right at this moment we are working on these bugs

  • 20009
    - Major performance improvement when you have excels with a huge amount of custom formatting

  • 20066
    - Fix table filters still being visible from an old sheet when moving over to another sheet in document
  • Charts disappear too early when scrolling them out of view in spreadsheet

  • 19258
    - Sheet specific cell selection and scrolling is remembered when moving back and forth between two sheets.

These all should be included in Spreadsheet 1.2.1 which we will release after we wrap up those things we are working on right now.

Can you share with me what kind of bugs you run to when evaluating Spreadsheet? Are there already trac tickets of these? We are of course interested in fixing issues that block usage of our products. I can assure you that there are multiple customer projects which builds around Vaadin Spreadsheet and they are in production. Hopefully we can sort things out so that you can use Spreadsheet as well.

Thanks so much for your quick response. I will put together detailed information for you regarding the bugs we encountered. Some look similar to reported bugs in your system but require more investigation to determine if they are a match.

Use case:
view and edit of spreadsheet files in which we do not control the contents.

Quick overview of experience:
Many files displayed properly but a significant number did not. Cell comments are an important feature and wirdely used, and there was breakage in this area. Also when the selected cell was not in the visible display, the table rendering was badly broken (missing rows and columns). Some stack traces were coming from poi. We were mostly investigaing xlsx files but saw the same behavior for xls.

Okay. We support mainly XLSX with some support for the XLS format as well. Hopefully some of your comment issues will be fixed with 1.2.1. For others I would love if you create tickets of them and add a comment to the existing ones that affect you. Activity in tickets makes it apparent for me that it is affecting multiple users. Please put a message here as well when you have some investigated it further and I will personally have a look over the issues you encountered.

We’re using spreadsheet as well.
I filed a bug 4 weeks ago:

It would be great if there’d be at least some reaction. For me as a user it’s not apparent if someone even looked at it or if it’s considered minor…

Thanks for the exemplary ticket. I have seen it and given it some thought. It haven’t ended up yet in our planned sprints but one our engineers will have a look on what kind of effort it would require to fix this.