SplitLayout (grid + editForm) initial div sizes

I duplicated an existing page, and replaced relevant parts to make it a new page… But I can’t seem to figure out what I did wrong that made the div sizes all messed up. screen shots attached.

bagPage(TopSellers) image ended up on the left, goodPage(Members) image on the right.
goodPage(Members) is the page I copied to make the TopSellers page.

Here is the related code:

message.txt (10.9 KB)

looks like you’re not setting any sizes for any of the elements in the UI in your java code, which means that’s probably being set in a stylesheet instead.

Hard to guess without familiarity with your project, but my money would be on the top-seller-view classname applied to this view. Maybe there’s a corresponding classname applied to the view you copied that maps to some css that takes care of the sizes?

Re: “familiarity with my project” the MemberPage originated from a VaadinStart Master-Detail page

thanks for the direction, ill look around for files that i might have missed.

Indeed, styles.css has @import url('./views/members-view.css'); I will need to do the same for my new TopSeller page. Thank you!