Speeding up hot deploy with Spring, Netbeans and tomcat

Hello all,

I am very new to vaadin. After a long fight with spring and hibernate my “helloWorld Vaadin App” is ready !

Can I speed up the hot deploy process under netbeans and tomcat?

I have a huge lib (core.jar) with lots of spring beans and databases conections. During the deploy, my “helloWorld Vaadin App” takes 1minutes to be loaded.

When I change a UI stuff, netbeans FULLY redeploy my App, spring and databases mappings too. 1 minute for a new label text is a bit long.

I try to uncheck “deploy on save” in project properties, but when I change a UI stuff, nothing change (no redeployment), with or without

Someone have an idea.


PS : sorry for my english, I’m… French