SPA starter/development tools comparison

Hi group,

I’m working on some research into things that provide opinion and automation for SPA development. I thought that it would be nice to include Vaadin in a comparison I have made of such things so that its strengths could be easily showcased and contrasted with alternatives. It’s a pretty useful comparison but also a lot of work for someone without intimate knowledge of each technology. So I was wondering if any of you Vaadin experts would like to help out with that.

is the comparison

So far, I have focused my research mostly on single-page app frameworks that use AngularJS, but I would like to make it as broad as reasonably possible. I don’t know Vaadin at all, but I think that a lot of people would like to have a simple way of comparing its benefits to the other technologies.

If you would like to help fill in the blanks about Vaadin, let me know and I will add you as an editor of the Google spreadsheet. After opening the Google spreadsheet, just click File->Sharing->Request Access, and enter a little comment that you can help out with the Vaadin info.

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Hi Dan,

I’m the Product Owner of Vaadin Framework and I’d be more than happy to fill in the blanks for you. With that said, it seems like most of the attributes you are listing in the Framework sheet are focused on client-side JavaScript features, which can’t easily be applied to the server-side Java nature that is prevalent with Vaadin.

Hi Leif,

That’d be great. You’re right that Vaadin is a different animal from the others. I actually like that because it will probably reveal some new benefits in your type of product that I haven’t yet considered looking at the others. Plus it will encourage me to clarify the distinction between Angular concepts and general ones. Also, jhipster is one option in the list that runs Java on the server. So Vaadin won’t be the only one.

I have added a Vaadin column. I just need an email address to use when making you an editor of the doc. Please send that by personal forum message or by using the Google doc sharing menu.

Thanks a million for the help!

Hi Dan! How could I get permission to access that comparison document? I used the “Request Access” button that appears there, but still no reply after about 2 weeks.

Hi Robert

That’s odd. I have it set up to send an email automatically. It shows two were sent to you on Aug 22 and 23rd. I bet they’re going to the spam folder. In any case, please use this form so I can keep track of who’s interested in the project

I’ll then add you to the access list.