Sources for Vaadin AddressBook Portlet


We need to modify the Vaadin AddressBook Portlet example but we cannot find the source code into the WAR.
Only class files are present.

So we could decompilate them but it is not nice for an opensource example.

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All the source code should be available in the ZIP package you can get from
. The AddressBook example is in demo/src in the package com.vaadin.demo.tutorial.addressbook, and the portlet definitions are in WebContent/WEB-INF/*.xml .

You can also check out the complete source code from our SVN or browse the SVN contents - see

Thank Henri for your answer but I did not find my source code for AddressBook Portlet

The portlet is downloadable here :;jsessionid=330947AA16C59ED55D5DABE388A8B9CB.node-1?_98_redirect=/downloads/liferay-portal/community-plugins

I wonder if Vaadin corp deals it or if someone elsewhere ?

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Download the latest vaadin zip file

unzip the file and go to \vaadin-6.3.0\WebContent\WEB-INF\src\com\vaadin\demo

Although I cannot say who has packaged and uploaded that version, I believe it should be the address book tutorial I referred to, just re-packaged - or does it have some features that are not present in the basic tutorial version?

There is also a simplified, minimal address book demo application com.vaadin.demo.SimpleAddressBook, and other variations of the tutorial demonstrating e.g. the use of JPA (
with JEE 6 and GlassFish 3
using the AppFoundation framework

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It is right ! I will read the last link you gave me

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Thank for all the answer. Last one, promised !

Is it possible to run the glassfish demo example into a tomcat 6 container ?
In fact it would be : what i need to run jee6 into a tomcat 6 container ?

Thank a lot.

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