Source of JPAContainer 3.2.0

I am finding several bugs in JPAContainer, expecially in MultiSelectConverter so I would like to see source code because I need to show a sample app on next tuesday and I am in a hurry…

Where can I find 3.2.0 sources?


If you go to the Directory page on the left you can click Source code which will get you to this:

It’s in the subversion repository so you might be able to “extract” it using subeversion.
might help you with how to set it up even if it’s for cloning the Vaadin 6 sources.

Yes I forgot to say that I have seen the subversion url but I see there only two tags: 1.0.1 and 2.0.0rc.
Do you mean that the trunk has release 3.2.0 not tagged?

You can get recent changes on :