Source JARs of vaadin-push and vaadin-themes not available...

I was noticing that while for the other components of current versions of Vaadin there are source artifacts in the Maven ropsitory, this is not the case for the vaadin-push and vaadin-themes components. As we would like to bundle the sources of all used components with our software as long as the license allows this, I was wondering if there is a reason why the sources are missing in the repository for these two components. Can anyone clear that up for me?

Note: I know that everything is available on GitHub, but its not in packaged source JARs.


You’re right. They are a bit special packages as they do not contain any Java classes, only client-side implementations. Therefore there are no separate Java source jars available for these.

thank you for your response and explanation. I guess we’ll then just have to put these two dependencies on an exclude list when downloading all sources and we’re good to go.