Source handler for TextChangeEvent on unknown TextField


First of all i apoligize for my bad english and i hope to explain well because my problem is very difficult to formulate…

I have a Table and i generate rows and component into them dynamically. I try to explain better: one of the Property of Table is a TextField generated with a kind of factory dynamically and then the name of every TextField is egual. Now i want to intercept from which TextField a TextChangedEvent was thrown… How i do this??? Seems is impossible find this information because event.getsource() doesn’t give me the real component… this is the code :

private void buildTextQuantity(Integer rowID) {
		quantity = new TextField();
		int w = (int) app.getMainWindow().getWidth();
		quantity.addListener(new TextChangeListener() {
			public void textChange(TextChangeEvent event) {
				int componentID = -1;
				int count;
				Iterator<?> itr = newOrder.getItemIds().iterator();
				while (itr.hasNext()){
					count = Integer.parseInt(;
					if (newOrder.getItem(count).getItemProperty("quantity") == event.getSource()){
						componentID = count;