Source Code of Vaadin directory


is the sourcecode of the Vaadin directory portlet available somewhere?
I would be interested in learning how this was implemented.


Sorry, the directory application itself is not open source and is integrated with a number of our internal systems.

thanks for the info. Thats very unfortunate.

Some hints on the implementation? Is there some search engine involved? Is everything created from scratch using vaadin or are other libraries involved?


Quite a few Vaadin add-ons and other (non-Vaadin) libraries are used in the project, although also quite a few things done by Vaadin Ltd - for some of the features, there weren’t suitable libraries available at the time the project was started and several Vaadin add-ons have been developed further as a side effect of the project.

I’m not sure about the current state of the search in the Directory, but I know a lot of Vaadin projects have used Lucene as an internal search engine (see e.g.

I was wondering how the fallback behavior for browsers with javascript turned off was accomplished.

You can add a tag to the page, generated e.g. by overriding one of the AbstractApplicationServlet.write*() methods.