Sounds like a bug (v14 rc3): I had to manually npm install vaadin-date-pick


I wasn’t sure where I have to file this bug and I wasn’t even sure if this was my bad. In my fairly plain vaadin application (spring enabled) I added a com.vaadin.flow.component.datepicker.DatePicker. “Something” appeared on the page, but it was messy and parts of the component were missing (apart from the UI it seemed to be functioning). Also mvn vaadin:build-frontend complained about not finding some dependencies for this component.

After I issued a npm i @vaadin/vaadin-date-picker --save on my project, the problem got resolved and now the DatePicker is working fine.

So I thought I’d leave this message on the forum to raise attention and/or help out other people facing this issue… v14-rc3

Hi Thomas,

I just tested with Platform 14.0.0.rc3 and also 14.0.0.rc4 on a very simple spring app, unfortunately, i cannot reproduce the issue you have described here.

Is it possible that some corrupted jar file in your local cache causes this problems?

You can fire the issue in this repository ( our engineer will move it to the correct place, after the verification.