Sometimes not able to see forum post/topic ( a blank forum page)


Sometime I get a blank vaadin forum page by using google search or vaadin search(see

Sometimes when I try it on different browser it works, very strang. I think this has been happening since new vaadin forum come into existance.

Its very annoying. Please help How can I see those topics

Following url not displaying me post(same view as in!/thread/1848078

then I manually changed above url to (old forum)

but no luck

-Thank you



this is a known issue and it happens for me too on my home computer, almost all the time on Firefox and not at all on IE. For some reason on my work laptop it has not happened once, so not sure what causes it.

A simple fix is to add a bogus parameter to the URL, in your case e.g.!/thread/1848078

At least for me this always fixes it (for some time) and the content will load.


Awesome, Thanks Teppo, It really works

(I generally used crome for search but I noticed it happens on Firefox and IE also)