Solid Gauge Chart WhiteSpace

I am trying to get rid of whitespace in the solid gauge chart but i am not able to. I tried to follow stack overflow posts but nothing seems to work. Has anyone come across this issue?

I have no issues. Can you show what’s not working?

I am trying to reduce the whitespace in the bottom so that the legend below is visible.

                id="avsb" title="A vs B"
                            "pane": {
                              "center": ["50%","30%"],
                              "size": "50%",
                              "startAngle": -90,
                              "endAngle": 90,
                              "background": {
                                "innerRadius": "60%",
                                "outerRadius": "100%",
                            "yAxis": {
                              "min": 0,
                              "max": 100,
                              "minorTickInterval": null,
                              "tickAmount": 2,
                              "labels": {
                                "enabled": false
      </vaadin-chart>     ```

I am using Vaadin 14.6.6