Snapshot sources


How do I get sources for latest snapshots ? Sources from seems to be desynchronized with latest 6.5-SNAPSHOT version, and sources are not either on the maven repository.


As the nightly builds are made with ant and published by executing specific maven goals, we cannot use the full maven deploy goal. If we sign and deploy the main JAR and the source and javadoc JARs separately, their timestamps do not match so Maven does not understand they belong together.

The related ticket is

The sources should be in synch with the SVN repository at build time (in the night on time zone UTC+2) EXCEPT that a license header (about 12 lines IIRC) is attached to the sources used in the build, but is not present in the repository.

If I remember correctly, the sources are not stripped out from the snapshot JARs, so you could try to point your IDE source path to the JAR in your local Maven repository.