Slow select in table


I’m using Vaadin and I have a table that should display data from a configuration file.

My table has app 300 rows and 11 columns and I want to make it selectable.
I can display the table fine and the scrolling works ok but the selection feels very slow. After several attempts I realized that the slowness has to do with the amount of columns

Up to 7 columns it is ok but beyond that it becomes very slow to the point of becoming unusable.

Do you have any insights on how to make selection more responsive


BTW The page is inside a tabsheet and I have kept tho options to a minimum, with only strings on the data and no special components on the table


in the project I’m currently working on I have a selectable table with 32 column visible and aroun 500-1000 rows of data. I have experienced no slowness regarding selection. Layout-wise the table is placed in a modal subwindow within the application. I also have only strings for the table data (no generated columns).

Do you happen to have a ValueChangeListener attached to the table that could take some time to run and make the selection slower? Also, on which browser does this happen?